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The Black Forest region in Germany spawned more than just fairy tales; it also served as home to the first cuckoo clocks. Black Forest craftsmen have been making cuckoo clocks since the s, and they are still making them today. If you have a cuckoo clock and want to identify its maker or place of origin, there are several ways to go about it. Authenticating that your cuckoo clock comes from the Black Forest can start you on your journey to locate the manufacturer. You might also find a round sticker inside the clock in gold, black and white with German writing and the letters “VDS” in the middle. The sticker or certificate authenticates that the cuckoo clock came from one of the many Black Forest cuckoo clock manufacturers. Turn the cuckoo clock over. Many of the Black Forest clockmakers add a stamp on the back of the clock with the name of the shop that sold the clock. Look for the stamp that says “Made in Germany. If you see individual letters, these often refer to the year the clock was made.

Regula Cuckoo Movement Identification

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Movement: Regula 25 stamped on movement: GM This leads me to believe the the clock was likely made before , as there is no.

The movements all seem to be in pretty good shape but all are missing pieces. The cuckoo clock history is linked to the Black Forest. Shop with confidence. AM25 1 Day Regula Cuckoo movement. The letter repeats every 20 years Example: 10 Marime 5. The clocks movement activates the bellows to send a puff of air into each pipe alternately when the timekeeper strikes.

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How to Identify the Maker of a Cuckoo Clock

You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love — they had years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. In fact, many think the cuckoo clock comes from Switzerland, but it more likely originated in the village Schonwald in Germany.

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Woodcutters in the Black Forest region of Germany invented cuckoo clocks sometime during the 17th century. They derived an extra source of income during winter months by carving pendulum-regulated clocks with a cuckoo emerging every quarter of an hour. The mechanism to produce a cuckoo call was invented a century later. German, and specifically Black Forest, cuckoo clock manufacture became an established business in the 19th century.

All the clock parts, the case, decoration and moveable mechanisms, were made of wood.

Woodcutters in the Black Forest region of Germany invented cuckoo clocks such as Hermle and Regula, also stamp a dating code on the back of the clock.

Dating back to around , cuckoo clocks have been produced in the Black Forest — Schwarzwald — area of Germany ever since. This was the result of almost years of cuckoo clock making in this area which started in the mid 17th Century. There has been much discussion as to whom it was who actually built the first cuckoo clock, but Franz Anton Ketterer has been given the accolade of being the first cuckoo clock maker. Anton Schneider have produced quality cuckoo clocks since in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany — the home of the cuckoo clock.

The Anton Schneider cuckoo clock. Anton Schneider and Sons are now into their 6th generation of Schneiders, producing high quality cuckoo clocks by skilled craftsmen and women many of whom have been producing cuckoo clocks with the company for generations. Their variety of cuckoo clocks numbers over from the basic one day to the highly decorative and colourful 8 day cuckoo clocks with dancers and music. These eight day cuckoo clocks often feature animated figures — often beer drinkers — or animals as well as moving water wheels and other, often humorous elements.

How to Date German Cuckoo Clocks

Dating clock movements I have a hurbert herr is also a manufacturer of. We are basically 2 types of your clock makers of hundreds of the movements completely within the only info i have. With movements for cuckoo clocks from the black forest of the only a manufacturer that creates and regula cuckoo clocks later in their trash apeak. Are looking for a cuckoo with a couple seconds. You begin hubert herr. There are basically 2 types of the parts, as well known cuckoo clock shop by category.

Cuckoo Clock Repair Made Simple By Tom Seaman Step by step repair and overhaul of the very popular German Regula #25 cuckoo movement. Includes.

Includes photos and text on a full AH01 Mechanical novelty clock hands. White Plastic. Sold in pairs. AH02 Mechanical novelty clock hands. AHN39 Regula 3 piece hand nut set. Inside diameter of square nut is approximately 2. Inside diameter of round nut is approximately 1. Used on all AH05 Fits 5cm dial. Minute hand length is measured from the center of the hole to the tip of AH06 Fits 7cm dial.

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. This cuckoo clock I can not figure out. It has a movement stamped with Regula and E Schmeckenbecher. On each side of the movement it is stamped with GM.

In this week’s Expert’s Advice our in-house expert Annick van Itallie explains 7 things she looks at when appraising cuckoo clocks.

Regula makes the movements only and is a TradeMark name. One of these is named “SBS-Feintechnik” and is still a manufacturer of clock movements. One of the very last movement makers in Germany. Good Morning, I have a Regula cuckoo clock left to me by my mother. The back plate say 20 then G. I think she got it in the early 60’s. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks Roger. GM or GM Amgen simply means patent pending or patent applied for. If you can provide a photo of your clock we can usually determine the approximate date of manufacture from the characteristics such as carving style and finish color.

As the Regula name was not trade marked until we can assume your clock is made between and I hope this helps. I also got from my mom one of the same.

Dating regula cuckoo clocks

This is a 3-weight clock dating plays a melody on a note music movement. The markings on the movement indicate it was made between and , and help is marked HELP Amgen, which means patent pending. After , these movements will be marked Regula. These movements were made by J.

Cuckoo Movement 8 Day – Regula 72 – 3 weight – with 2 Post for Cuckoo Bird and Music Man – 40cm Pendulum Length. Qty: Add To Cart. $ Preview.

Click here to add your own comments. Return to E. Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Clock. Return to Identify Your Antique Clock. Comments for E. Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Clock Click here to add your own comments Follow up to your clock by: Pharma I have the same 3 weighted cuckoo clock. My GM and Also stamped 25 Germany. What did you pay for yours? I have mine a long time. Problem with keeping pendulum going. Needs additional weight on hook.

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