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Three years later, a doctor in Ulm diagnosed her with polio. Many attempted cures and doctor visits were all in vain and her parents begin to despair. She was taken to school in a handcart by her siblings and neighbouring children. A woman living near the school carried her up into the classroom every day. In spite of the pain in her right hand, Margarete also took sewing lessons, initially against her father’s wishes. At 17, she finally completed her training as a seamstress. When Marie and Pauline left their home town some 8 years later, Margarete continued on her own. From her first earnings, Margarete bought a sewing machine of her own. Because the flywheel on the right-hand side was difficult for Margarete to operate, she had the ingenious idea of simply turning the machine around. Margarete opened a ready-to-wear felt clothing business to sell clothing and household articles she made herself.

Vintage Steiff Bears

Steiff bears must be the number one name in the bear collecting world. Everyone has heard of Steiff and the fact that they are one of the earliest producers of teddy bears in the world. I’m sure every collector has one or would like one to be amongst their bear collection. Steiff are known for their quality and to this day they still make bears to a very high standard and so still command a high price.

Antique Horse. antique Steiff Teddy Bear Light mohair w early FF Button 11 Old Teddy Bears, Steiff Steiff bear dating c who retains his FF button in ear.

The history associated with Steiff bears and toys dates back to the late 19th century, and it shines the light on an innovative legacy of the company started by a woman who earned her seamstress certification at the age of Learn more here Steiff mourning bear, created to commemorate victims of the Titanic, circa Photo courtesy Morphy Auctions. As a toddler she survived a high fever, but the illness left her legs paralyzed and she suffered chronic pain in her right arm.

Despite this, she attended sewing school and earned her seamstress certification at the age of The first Steiff catalog, printed in , not only included stuffed toy elephants, but also monkeys, horses, camels, mice, cats and rabbits, among others. The Official Steiff Club, established in , has more than 30, members from around the world.

Steiff Teddy Bears

Skip to content. Many dating site is the steiff, nine skittles with an elephant motive, and. She has been modelled on regularly issued animals and authentic steiff button in ear trademark allows us adorned with relations.

The different types of ear tag distinguish one Steiff animal from another. The Steiff “Button in Ear” tag. • is.

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Vintage Teddy Bears

This price guide is designed to help you identify and value Steiff animals. The values provided are for animals in a similar condition to the one shown in the photo. This bear is tan in color with a nice face, shoe button eyes, sewn nose, and mouth, shaved muzzle, long arms and legs, sewn claws, felt paw pads and original “Teddy B” tan cotton suit with brass buttons and hat.

Some fur loss, but the overall condition is very good. Measures 10″ tall. This doll is all felt with center seam molded face, shoe button eyes, pink cheeks and mouth, light mohair wig sparse in back , jointed shoulders and hips; knitted sweater, pants, and socks that appear to be original.

“Steiff – Knopf im Ohr” (Button in Ear) – a brand sign arises and an eventful life comes to an end The official founding date of Steiff Manufacture was

The Steiff bear is the quintessential toy bear collected the world over. The first Steiff bears showed up in the marketplace in and were the precursor to the beloved teddy bear we know today. Antique Steiff bears are quite collectible, so if you think you have one or are thinking of buying one, it’s a good idea to know some of the basic characteristics of authentic Steiffs before selling or buying one.

Look for the metal button that is pegged into the left ear of each Steiff bear. Steiff began inserting these buttons in 1. Over the years, the buttons have been made from a few different metals—brass, iron, nickel-plated and, for special limited edition bears, gold-plated. A nickel plated button with no raised lettering on it denotes one of the earliest Steiff bears.

Look for either cloth ear tags or tags sewn into the seam in the chest area. Over the years, the tags have been a variety of colors, such as white, red, beige and yellow. Analyze the material used for the bear’s body. The really old bears were made of mohair. Since , synthetic fiber has been used to construct the bodies. Check to see what the body is stuffed with.

The history of Steiff teddy bears

As a vintage doll and toy lover, you know the excitement of discovering an early Steiff button-in-ear brand Teddy bear on Ruby Lane, at auction, at a show, or even at a garage sale! These antique cubs are universally beloved for their charming, old fashioned looks and irresistible personalities. Steiff launched its debut catalog of playthings in , but it was not until c.

In , Franz Steiff was looking for a way to protect Steiff’s products from imitation! He created a metal button as a product label, initially engraved with an​.

Our ‘January 23rd Premier Auction’ will feature an impressive collection of vintage, replica, and newer Steiff stuffed animals. The image includes three individually featured bears from our upcoming Premier Auction. From left to right: Lots , , and Steiff is known as the world’s foremost luxury toy brand. The craftsmanship of their product has been considered the quality gold standard for stuffed animals since the company’s humble beginnings in Margarette Steiff, the founder, is credited with the invention of this most cherished play toy.

Afflicted with polio as a child, Margarette Steiff suffered from paralysis of her legs and the restricted use of her right arm. Despite the barriers of this disability and her femininity, she was able to become a sought-after seamstress and eventually a successful business owner. Her self-determination and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration to this day.

Company history

This inch Steiff teddy bear, with the identifying button in its ear, was a birthday gift to my father when he turned 5 on Jan. We are eager to hear more about its value. This wonderful bear is an early example from the Steiff Co. Confined to a wheelchair due to a case of childhood polio, Steiff spent many years at the sewing machine and by the age of 25 had become an accomplished dressmaker.

Topface dating steiff button in ear – find great deals for their. Apr 13, chest tag still has a steiff buttons, with button remains unchanged. To know what to identify.

The German toy producer Steiff created the plush teddy bear in Steiff bears are famous for being made by hand with fine materials. Steiff’s exclusive trademark is a metallic button in the ear of each plush animal. Careful examination of the metal button in a Steiff toy can give a reliable indication of a teddy bear’s age. Search the teddy bear for any paper chest tags or metal ear buttons. The tag or button may be buried in the mohair of older bears. Read any inscriptions on the paper chest tag.

These tags are usually circular and coloured yellow or half red and yellow. The tag should state the bear’s name. If the teddy bear is a replica, it may be indicated on the back of the paper tag. Examine the metal ear button.

Rare teddy bears up for auction

So the bear was given to him sometime after that. It’s a Steiff toy, but I had a dog that chewed off the tag and chewed his nose a little bit. He had a collar that was leather and a chain, but that’s been lost. He has a blank button, which dates him to ,

Initially engraved with an elephant motive, the metal button soon wore the trademark and therefore became inseparable with the brand. “Steiff – Button in Ear” is a.

Heinrich the Postman Bear Made by Steiff. The jointed bear has a coat of blond mohair with tan felt pads, embroidered nose, mouth and claws and a Both Excellent and boxed. Steiff: Mungo the Meerkat yellow tag , Bear white tag and yellow tag All appear Excellent. Steiff Bastian The Nostalgia Teddy Bear, white tag , LE , , cream alpaca, with chest tag and certificate, box with outer trade carto Steiff Original Club Edition teddy bear, blue 35 replica, white tag , LE , complete with certificate, ceramic medallion, swing

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