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No one knows for sure who made the first clay pipes. The idea of smoking tobacco came from the American Indian, who had long fashioned their own clay pipes. These, no doubt served as a model for later pipe development. By tobacco smoking had been introduced to Europe. There is little doubt that the earliest pipes came from England. Pictured above is a British pipe mold that dates to the early ‘s. It is a part of the collection of Steve Beasley, who purchased it while in England. The basic form of the pipe has changed little over the long history of pipe smoking, however there have been notable variations in pipe styles effecting the size of the bowl and the length of the stem.

Toward Settlement Occupation Span from Dispersion of Tobacco-Pipe Stem-Bore Diameter Values

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18 McMillan/Tobacco Pipe Stem Dating Formulas An Evaluation of Tobacco Pipe Stem Dating Formulas Lauren K. McMillan There are currently three formula.

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dating Peterson pipes

Archeology and dating go hand-in-hand. Historical archeologists have an advantage when it comes to dating because of the written historical record. When we study a site, we also study the documents associated with the site. For Historical archeologists, ceramics are a diagnostic tool for dating because many English ceramic types can be dated to within 5 or so years of their manufacture.

Access to this knowledge led to something called the Mean Ceramic Date.

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Greetings, Kappnists! As the brand continues to gain interest among pipe smokers, I think we can expect not only to see estate prices rise, but see more old Petes recovered. Steve acquired both a Shamrock line version and the Captain Pete version pictured here. The Dublin Edition US-only line, in sandblast, rustic and smooth with vulcanite mouthpieces in saddle or taper and nickel bands, quietly slid onto the market in , with no announcement from Peterson nor any attention from anybody else.

Which is a shame, really. Vintage with Ephemera: A Sterling Lovat It dates from the Early Republic Era, probably or so. Not bad for a Pete. Innovative Lines: The Spigot System.

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke it : An Evaluation of Tobacco Pipe Stem Dating Methods

Originally published in Pipe Smoker, Winter , with a part of the guide re-published in the Spring issue of Pipes and Tobaccos. Republished here by permission of the author [1]. Please note: Scanning the text from the original article has presented problems, some of which I have not been able to solve.

Dating Pipe Bowls & Stems from SAMA (NPS Photo). Archeology and dating go hand-in-hand. Dates allow archeologists to.

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Pipe stem dating

The skill and experience of the individual undertaking the work will play a large part in determining how accurate and reliable any assessment of dating is, and specialist advice should certainly be taken when dealing with large assemblages or those where the pipe dating is fundamental to the excavated deposits. But it is certainly possible for a good assessment of date to be made by considering the key characteristics of any given pipe or pipe assemblage, guidelines for which are given below.

They can be used to indicate whether a context group is likely to contain residual material, or whether it represents a coherent and potentially tightly dated group.

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Curator’s Corner. Historical archaeology is not a subject that I usually approach, because I am not trained to properly register sites, map, excavate and write archaeological reports. As a Decorative Arts Curator with knowledge of American, European and Oriental pottery and porcelain, I have frequently been requested to identify pottery and porcelain fragments in the laboratory after they have been excavated, cleaned and numbered.

Sometimes I see lots of little broken pieces of white pottery pipe stems which have been recovered from excavations of homes and taverns. They exist because a 17th or 18th century smoker did not carry a pipe and tobacco supply with him. Cigars and cigarettes were not known then. He usually smoked a pipeful of tobacco at home or in an inn or tavern.

The long-stemmed, so-called church warden, white pottery pipes were kept in a box on the fireplace mantel with a box of tobacco. The smoker selected a pipe, broke off the end from the previous smoker, filled the pipe and lit it with a hot coal held to the pipe with a small steel pipe tongs which was also kept near the fireplace for this purpose. The broken off ends fell on the floor, perhaps between the boards, and ended up in the ground as small useless pieces of trash, whose purpose had been served.

As the pipe stem became shorter and shorter, the bowl itself was eventually also discarded. There are many more stem pieces than pipe bowls but both can be dated, and their presence used to help date the strata in which they are found. The purpose of this article is not to explain precisely how the angle of the stem and bowl can be used to date the pipe, even though the larger the angle, the earlier the bowl; and the nearer to a right angle, the later the bowl. My purpose is to teff you how to approximately date the little broken off stem pieces from English pipes.

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Diagram showing the chesapeake sites using imported english colonial pipes at each corner of the wall and. Pipes on their bowl size of tobacco pipes were. There are currently three formula dating artefact has few equals. Tobacco-Pipe stem fragments of the Go Here is unsmoked and bowls.

Some years ago Lewis Binford devised a formula for dating clay pipe stems, does anyone know of the formula? Also, does anyone know how accurate it has.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Lauren McMillan. McMillan There are currently three formula dating techniques available to archaeologists studying 17th- and 18th-century colonial sites with imported white, ball-clay, tobacco-pipe stems. Data on pipe stem-bore diameters were collected from 28 sites in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina to test the accuracy and utility of the three formula dating methods.

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